How to save $100 on Apple’s new iPad Mini 3


Chronic Pen

Don’t buy it.

Don’t worry, I can explain.

Last week, Apple announced their new iPads as they usually do every year. This year, however, Apple took a somewhat odd approach to upgrading their line of tablets.

The flagship of their tablet product line, the iPad Air, received the bulk of the upgrades this year, as you might expect. Now known as the iPad Air 2, here’s a quick breakdown of what’s new:

  • Touch ID
  • New A8X and M8 processor
  • Thinner profile
  • Now comes in gold
  • 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB storage sizes
  • New 8MP camera
  • New fully laminated display

While it may or may not seem like much, that new processor Apple stuffed in there is quite impressive. For someone will a 4th Gen iPad or older, the iPad Air 2 makes for a worthy upgrade for the boost in performance alone.

But if you’re like me, the full-sized iPad…

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